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grinding a scrub plane blade

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How to Sharpen a Plane Iron - Sawinery

When grinding the plane iron, the wheel should turn toward the blade with the bevel side up It is a good idea to wear safety goggles when grinding any steel. By turning the plane iron so that the bevel side will be up, most of the debris from the grinder will be driven away from you and your eyes.

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Timber Frame Tools » Scrub Plane Iron Cambering

Scrub planes are kind of interesting. Their main purpose is to remove stock rapidly in order to flatten a twisted or cupped board as well as doing rapid removal (almost ripping) of the edge of a board. The common scrub plane whether made by Stanley, Record, Lie Nielsen, Veritas or ECE is sort of short and on the narrow side with a heavily cambered blade.

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No. 40-1/2 Scrub Plane Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Scrub Plane. The Lie-Nielsen No. 40-1/2 Scrub Plane is based on the Stanley 40½. With its large-radius blade and open mouth, this plane removes large quantities of wood in a hurry. In the past, Scrub Planes were used like a Thickness Planer to take rough-sawn boards down to size.

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Scrub Plane for sale | eBay

Make Offer - Antique Round Wood Hand Plane Vtg Russian Soviet Iron Blade Smoothing Scrub Tool Vintage Scrub Plane Jointer 1979 USSR Metal length 10.5 inch Blade width 2 inch $30.00

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Sharpening Angles for Bench & Block Planes | .

There's nothing wrong with using the vintage blade in your Stanley plane, but there's no comparison when it comes to modern steel alloys. Modern alloys, such as O1 and A2 are superior for edge retention, and the better made blades from Hock, Lie-Nielson, and Veritas are thicker and ground to a much higher degree of precision than your 1950s Stanley, making them much easier to properly sharpen.

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Sharpening the Scrub Plane - YouTube

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27.09.2011 · Because of the heavy camber on the scrub plane blade it can be difficult to sharpen. Deneb Puchalski shows us an easy way to maintain a sharp edge on this heavily cambered tool. For more on our ...

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Sharpening Chisels & Plane Blades - Carbatec

When grinding plane blades it is important to keep the cutting edge square so check frequently. Some people use a marking pen to draw a square line across the blade as a guide. Keep checking the bevel to make sure you are grinding evenly and that the tool is not getting too hot.

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Blue Spruce Woodshop: Pinie Wooden Scrub Plane

The plane does look a little rough out of the box. As I think have found, for a scrub plane it doesn't matter that much if the iron is correctly shaped and sharp. All that said, I've a ECE scrub that has been in service for many years, the sole is rough now but it still does the job. If I had to sell my planes it would be one of the last to go.

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Scrub Plane Blades - TELUS

This is not a scrub plane blade. It is a blade from a inexpensive third line manufacturer - Metal Products. An inexpensive blade saced for this test. The goal is to have a visible line that is reasonably thin, so when you grind to the line you have the shape you need. If the line is too wide or uneven, the resulting curve can be ragged.

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Scrub plane? Maybe? Perhaps? - Woodwork .

13.07.2014 · A Scrub Plane sole is to short for cabinet work. He recommends something with a 14 - 18" sole like a No. 5 Jack Plancane. Wide open mouth, heavy camber to the blade, he says that a scrub plane sole does not be flat because the shavings are so thick & coarse. So any junker will do.

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Friedrich Kollenrott Sharpening chisel and plane blades 2020

them properly. In most cases, chisel blades, plane blades and scrapers must be sharpened even before you use them for the first time, and then regularly during subsequent use. Only handsaws (not covered here) can be bought perfectly sharpened, and types with industrial replacement blades are .

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Pinnacle 40 Scrub Plane - Woodcraft

2 Scrub Plane #159000, $169.99 The A2 steel blade will hold an edge for a long ti me, but at some point, you'll need to resharpen the blade. This cambered blade defi es common sharpening jigs, but fear not: freehand honing and grinding is not as hard as you might think. Honing the micro bevel on a 3⁄ 16"-thick blade is easy. Rest a

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15 Tips for Sharpening | Popular Woodworking .

Here's a quick guide on how to sharpen the blades of four major types of bench planes. Scrub plane. This tool is used to hog off lots of wood, fast. Its blade has a large camber, which is created on a grinder. (No honing is necessary.) The amount of camber depends on .

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Sharpening scrub planes - Canadian .

My most frequently used scrub planes are a LV scrub and a Stanley #5 1/2 with a 3" radius blade (i.e. same profile). The extra heft of the #5 1/2 is helpful in particularly hard wood. The aim of these planes is to remove a LOT of waste, and fast. But I also have a Stanley #5 1/4 and a Stanley #40 scrub.

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Grinding a Plane Iron with a Belt Sander

This tutorial explains how to grind a plane blade using a Viel Tools S5 Belt Grinder. Thanks to Brent Beach for pushing me down the belt sander slope. Grinding is key to sharpening. In fact, it may be the biggest hinderance to sharpening. I've tried course sandpaper on glass, a course silicon carbide stone, and a hand crank grinder.

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Grinding (shaping) a blade for a scrub plane

17.05.2005 · I have had a few requests for information on grinding a blade for a scrub plane. There are two ways to grind a curve onto a blade. The first is just do it freehand at a grinder. Since the surface is going to be chewed up (although this can be chewed up neatly!), the blade shape is less critical. So just get as close a curve as you can. Of ...

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How to Sharpen Your Plane Blade – HNT Gordon .

Sharpening your plane blade correctly is fundamental for the successful performance of any woodworking plane. There are many ways to go about sharpening your blade, however this is the technique that we use and recommend. If you already have a sharpening technique that works for you, that is great! You are best to continue with the method you know if you are achieving good results .

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Convert a No. 3 to a scrub plane - .

09.08.2007 · If you want the plane to guide flatness a scrub is the wrong tool anyway. To get a feel for it as a scrub just move the frog back as far as it will go and grind a modest radius into the blade. This will give a light scrub. To go whole hog you would have to file the mouth to make it wider. This is where you should check on the "type" to see if ...

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Plane Blades - Woodcraft

Replacement Blades For WoodRiver and Lie-Nielson #4 and #5 Planes Matched Chip Breaker and Blade Set, 2-3/8"W for Stanley Handplanes #4-1/2, #5-1/2, #6 and #7 #92 Medium Shoulder Plane Replacement Blade

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Products That Perform: Pinnacle 40 1/2 Scrub Plane

This plane, the venerable Stanley #401⁄2, was mass produced for nearly 50 years. With a heavily cambered blade, no chip-breaker, and an extra-large mouth opening, this tool defies conventional hand-plane design. But unlike other planes made to produce whisper thin shavings, a scrub plane's sole purpose is to hog off large amounts of wood.

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Sharpen a Fore Plane | Popular Woodworking .

One reason I can think of to not use a bevel up plane this way is that the iron will be working a lot differently. On a scrub or fore plane, the back of the iron will always meet the wood at the same approach angle. (45) Grinding a radiused iron for a BU plane is different, since it's the radiused bevel that's meeting the wood, not the flat ...

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